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iOS vs android

IOS, but then while I use Windows on my computer, I have IPhone's, IPads, IPods so it was logical for me to hold the course. Always been happy with Apple. High price but dependable and good service via phone.
I need to get another IPad and the mini is sure a nice size, but I will wait till they come out with a newer one than the three. I need it for my second controller. I use the Air 2 for the main controller now.
I always set my IPad to the brightest setting and tuns off the auto adjust feature. I know the batteries will run out sooner, but with my eyes I need the brightness. I didn't see any difference with the Air 2 vs. my Mini 3 on brightness. Just speed difference. The Air 2 is way faster than the mini.
Thanks for the info. Thought the Air 2 would be a bit brighter or easier to see in bright conditions.

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