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Is my camera broken?

Dec 26, 2014
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I have been having trouble lately with video footage and image quality.
It seems like my camera has entered the matrix. I get these vertical lines down my footage.. Also appears in my still images.
I have read almost ever thread on here about quality and watched TONS of tutorials on everyones personal settings for the best quality. I have tried both automatic and manual settings with every different ISO setting and Shutter speed, w/ and w/o the ND filter.
It would appear that this is happening because it is so bright out, but in fact this is happening at sunset and in dark, shady areas.
I might be doing something totally wrong but any advice would defiantly help!

Here is a clip I just shot today.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
Ya if you look at the dock you will see them and also in the trees in the background.
Here is another video that shows it a little more prevalent.
I tried to change the shutter speed at the end and it got worse..

Has anyone seen anything like this before?
straight from the SD card to YouTube - I did cut down the "untitled project" so you didn't have to watch 2 mins of this.
I talked to my dealer as well and they said to contact DJI as it may be a faulty camera. Waiting to hear back from DJI as well.
Update from DJI:
After reviewing the videos they confirmed that it is an issue with the camera itself. I will have to send it back to get it fixed.
Unfortunately the turn around time is 8 weeks.
Thank you all for your advice and help with this. I didn't know how long it would take to get in touch with DJI support, and knew I would get some expert advice on here right away.
See you all in a couple months.................:(

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