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Lost ability to control I1 Pro gimbal with slave RC

Jan 22, 2017
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Charlottetown, PE
I was experimenting with my remote controls and set up the C1 and C2 buttons so that I could control the tilt and panning of the gimbal on my Inspire 1 Pro with my Master RC. Now I can't seem to get the slave RC to control the gimbal anymore. It is recognized by (linked to?) the Inspire (when I reset the gimbal to FPV using the slave, the camera snaps back into FPV). However, when I try to request control, it tells (warns) me the current controller has gimbal control (and the slave sticks have no control). When searching for the Master, it finds it, and the Master lists the slave too, but just no luck getting the slave back in control of the gimbal.

I deleted and re-installed the DJI Go App before I lost control of the gimbals, but everything else seems normal. Both controllers have the same (latest) firmware listed. The only anomaly I have come across (and this may be why I am getting the message that the current controller has gimbal control) is that both controllers are listing the same serial number. Is that normal, or did I somehow in re-installing the GO app make the slave controller think it is the same as the master?

Thanks in advance for any help.
I have my slave remote working again. I think the solution was that I had it set on a custom setting for gimbal control, and it may have not been doing anything. I reset for default control, and the slave is again able to control it - whew.

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