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Maps Made Easy App - Thoughts?

Apr 27, 2017
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Hi Everyone,

I see there are 60 some pages of threads on this board, so perhaps this has been asked...

Has anyone tried out the Maps Made Easy software?

I have found it to be pretty good generally. There don't seem to be a lot of ways to change the settings though.

My biggest issue with it right now is when flying a multi-battery mission the flight timer for each battery will not always reset when I switch batteries. So when the next flight goes to pick up where the last one left off, the drone sometimes flies up, and then want to fly back within a minute or less because the "flight timer is up." This results in the drone wanting to land itself pretty hard and you have to be on the controls to make sure it doesn't come down hard / where you don't want it to.

Also the app will occasionally crash while the drone is flying a mission. This sometimes messes it up and you have to start again.

Anyone else using MME with the Inspire 1 have these problems?
I should also note I'm using a new 9.7" iPad, not the Pro.

I didn't have much luck with mme using I1 Pro.
Drone deploy is far superior and more user friendly in my opinion,faster turn around time for stitching and great results.
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In my experience, the mme app is one of the best in terms or settings and actual parameters on the fly - it also has terrain mapping as well - I purchased the business version which has all the options. The other good option is UGCS but you need a laptop and android tablet together to run this and it is a professional solution which you need to learn.
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MME will not process convex areas. That is if you have an indent in one of your boundaries to, say, avoid a particular are, when processed part of the map will be omtted.

This was a probem for me so I used Drone Deploy. It might not be for others if you are flying regular rectangles
@Alex D Have you plans to test the Inspire 2 with your flight accuracy mission to compare against prior tests? And is the X4S on Inspire 2 the preferred configuration of using UgCS in mapping apps versus X5S?

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