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Multiple accounts?

Jan 26, 2015
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I am primarily using an iPad Air as my main tablet and an android tablet as my slave device. I also have the pilot app loaded on my iPhone 6 just in case I don't have one of the others readily available. Everything is updated with the most recent versions.

I am seeing multiple accounts or users in the User Center Flight Record section. They seem to have different number of flight records. I have synced everything multiple times and can never seem to get everything the same. I also don't know why I have multiple users listed and don't know where this information is configured. They are named differently.

Anyone else having this issue with the pilot app? Where do I configure this information?
Yup same issue, it's still pretty broken especially when mixing devices and platforms. Nothing we can do until they fix it I'm afraid.
I have the same annoying problem. I started on my Note 4 with the iPad Air 2 for my camera guy but when I'm flying alone I use the iPad for the main screen...neither of them read the same and they always have errors uploading to the cloud. I will patiently await a fix from DJI.
I wish I found this site sooner!!!
Could have saved me allot of Sleepless nights troubleshooting.
Same problems here.
Started with a Note 4. Then got a Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4
Multiple Accounts & all that Bad Stuff
What a Mess.

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