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My first "run in" with the ground!

May 20, 2017
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I have always been very careful whenever I fly whether it be the Mavic or my recently purchased Inspire 1v2; okay maybe even more so with the big bird.
Last night i am at a deserted park nearing dusk and just getting some final shots; decided having already some nice shots from 100' maybe lets get some lower ones, and wouldn't it be fun to have a fast low flying shot? Checking for obstacles..nope..all clear and away we go!
Except...I really had no idea just how fast the Inspire can travel!
As I look up in horror it is heading for a building and then I did what I think many of us might do....panic!
Using mode 2 for flying both birds there really is no excuse but in an attempt to brake I pull down hard on the left stick...thats right..descend! I did quickly realize my mistake and just as quickly pushed up as the bird touched down, did a somersault? Then climbed up in to the air...relief momentarily everything seemed ok as I navigated back towards home...but wait...no video feed?
Then the horror! No camera?! And it was getting dark. Lucky for me i did find the camera with no apparent damage except for the broken Vibration Absorbing Board . Back at home I reconnected the ribbon cables and the camera seems to have come out of its coma. Unfortunately the mp4 file was corrupted from its abrupt cutoff so guessing thats lost. The mp4 recovery program from this forum does not seem to like anything over 2 gb; at least for me.

I guess I should count myself lucky as this seems to be a fairly minor repair compared to what could have happened.
Even on first look everything is in place there still could be some problems caused by the hit.

I suggest you to carefully inspect all gimbal axes by slowly rotating them one by one and observing for a bent motor shaft, they have to rotate freely in the whole range also every axis have to keep it's inertia without slowing or stopping at some places by friction.
When you get the replacement spare part re-calibrate everything: 1.IMU 2.Compass 3.Gimbal. Then you can do a few still photo tests to check the lens/sensor alignment and did the camera is delivering crisp focus on all sides because some micro displacement may have occurred from the hit, and finally you can do a few video recording tests while flying (at a safe height) - long hoovering, fast forward, fast backward, fast side moves (left and right) and again fast forward but then with the gimbal looking left, right and back. If you're happy from the outcome then probably any additional damage if any is not affecting the performance.

You can get an idea how dji examine for problems by checking the next video:

By the way, for a low pass shot I would do a few passes starting from a comfortable altitude and going lower and lower on the next passes. Also depending on the location (obstacles, terrain elevation, weather) I may choose to piloting by looking at the screen rather keeping LOS of the copter.

A big luck is that this vibration part is sold separately by dji, I hope everything to be good after all.
Funny thing is in April I had no idea I was even interested in drones; then I was exposed to the aerial footage captured by a colleague and a Mavic purchase came soon afterwards. (Who knew accessories could cost as much as the original purchase?) less then a month later I purchased my Inspire 1v2 and in love. So now 2 months in I have managed a forgiving tangle with tree branches(Mavic) and hopefully not too expensive repair on the "ground-breaking" Inspire. Hoping now my initiation will allow me to fly perhaps with a tad more common sense.
Was not able to see where on dji I could purchase the plate(would have thought they would offer it as part of a kit to upgrade vers1) Anyways as I live in Canada found drdrones.ca in Halifax and purchased there. Hoping to have it by the end of the week.
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