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Need Help!! Is it salvageable?

Apr 5, 2015
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Today I was filming the family for easter and wanted a send out shot by throttling up and reversing. Well I was looking at the screen and not the drone. Unfortunately I wasn't paying attention to the trees and smashed the drone up pretty good. If anyone could give me some insight that would be greatly appreciated.

The camera does work but there is a weird noise coming from the gimbal although it seems to stay level.

IMG_9648.jpg IMG_9650.jpg IMG_9652.jpg IMG_9653.jpg IMG_9654.jpg IMG_9656.jpg IMG_9657.jpg IMG_9659.jpg IMG_9660.jpg IMG_9662.jpg

I am looking to purchase a new airframe thats posted in the classifieds but if I can salvage this for cheaper please let me know..


I was also thinking I could call my home owners insurance and possibly see if they would cover replacement.
Ouch!! My eyes are filling with tears just looking at those photos. The golden rule is that anything is fixable depending on how much cash you can throw at it but that's the worst damage I've seen on an Inspire. All the best.
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Dude that sucks man. Sorry to see it. Good luck with it either way.
To bust the filter, it had to be a substantial crash! Send it to BJI. Will be gone for a while, but man you have some major headaches!
If it were me I'd send it in and buy that spare in the meantime if you have he cash. You'll be waiting a while.
Man-O-Man... that's heartbreaking! :( That's the worst I seen so far. Looks more like it exploded.

Sure wish you only the best with this.

By all means, keep us posted.
Just to update. My home owner will cover it but with a pricey deductible.... Ouch! But its better than no help at all. Lesson learned gonna be extra cautious from now on.
Also did an IMU calibration on the new one and the compass Mod is 1580 - 1620.... Should I be concerned?

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