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New download.....

Nov 17, 2014
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A new download on the I1 DJI website, a "Inspire 1 Log Color Correction Tool"

whatever that does, I'll let you know hopefully. :)
OK it looks like it's only meant to be downloaded once the "new" official Apple app is launched. And its to "Adjust the screen colour after shooting video software".
It's a colouring plugin for Photoshop. Not for tablets. You use it to colour correct your footage that you have shot in LOG mode.
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Many thx, of course it'd help if DJI posted some instructions. I could of missed them.

Photoshop. Daft questions would it work with Lightroom? If so how would you do so?

Thanks for any help, new to Apple and Lightroom, so far flying anything is the easy bit. :)
Nah....it's an app that can load your VIDEO files and gives you an option to improve dynamic range and Gamma. Dropdown menu doesn't work on my new iMac so it's buggy like just about anything DJI releases. It's not for photos. And I doubt it can do anything you can't do yourself in an editor like Final Cut Pro X.
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