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New Inspire1 Prop Guards

May 28, 2015
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Merced, Ca
Sorry my heading should have said "New Inspire1 Prop Guards"

Hi all,
Received my new props guards the other day and did a test flight.
My first thought is that they are huge, which in reality was to be expected given the size of the props.
The weight was not bad at all but again when installed it made the Inspire which is already big look bigger.
That being said one of the cons was installing them as they provide you with four velcro straps to attach each prop guard along with two screws for each prop. Then uninstalling them would necessitate undoing the screws. I just used the velcro straps and they held the guards on very tightly. This in itself takes some time. In a high wind you would feel a drag in resistance from them in fighting the wind. Flying was easy but a speedster would not care for then I do believe. I fly slow for video and photography so being speedy I am not.
If time is of the essence forget it as it does take time to install. That being said if you are in a enclosed area that may require possibly hitting a wall or object i do think it will be beneficial in saving props.
I have thought of returning them for a refund but on second thought will keep them just in case.
I will fly without them on a normal basis but they are costly at 99.00. I did get them from Peter Ellin at http://www.acesdeals.biz
My two cents worth.
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I have been mulling over this purchase...I figure that if I'm going to fly indoors prop guards would be a MUST (for me at least). For outdoor flying I'd use them if I'd thought I'd be in close quarters to trees, etc. Normally my flights are over open tracks or high above trees so unless my I1 is going down, I'm never am intentionally close to trees.

Though I don't have a compelling reason for them, I keep asking myself is it better to have them and not need them (like insurance) than need them and not have them and is that worth $80 to $100.
Well, apart from flying indoors, one of my reasons was because I live in a coastal town and I have had seagulls swooping at the inspire, so to combat this I have fitted the prop guards and painted the body parts dayglow orange.
With the guards fitted the Inspire appears to be much bigger and this may also deter the seagulls.
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I got a pair of these also. They are really well made, fit is superb, packaging professional, instructions are great.

I won't be flying with them all the time, but they will allow to get in between walls, and enclosed spaces with a lower pulse rate.

I will not use them with the idea that they will protect living things. So no concerts for me. But they certainly will protect the aircraft at reasonable speeds.

I think they are about $20 cheaper on the Smartpower Charge web site. I bought mine there.

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