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New IR Option (least to me) - WRIS Pro Thermal/RGP 10X Optical Zoom GPS Trigger Camera with User Changeable IR Lenses

Feb 21, 2018
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Stumbled across this via YouTube then chased it on down to company.
Looks very impressive... they offer a standard WIRIS Pro model Thermal & RGB with X10 Optical Zoom, PIP, Side by Side views: 640x512 Full Radiometric that can provide a 1280x1024 High Resolution feature. Another feature: User can change & calibrate multiple IR Lenses. Kit can come with 2 IR Lenses and Removal Tool.

They indicate multiple platforms supported, although interfaces nicely with DJI A3 Can bus too.
Available in 9 or 30 Hz in options. Lenses: 18°, 32°, 45°, 69° FOV - User Changable

Also offer two other models: PROSC and Security model. The Security Model is a 800x600.
You can change Lens powers and Heat Range Filters too.
It kinda comes across as a XT2 with additional features.

They have their own app that runs on the RC's Tablet and provides extensive features & options.
Also offer an additional SW Tool to dive into the Jpeg Radiometric images on Post Work.

Works nicely with M600Pro or A3 platforms (including S900 & S1000 on A3)... I'm assuming too heavy for Inspire 1.
Works with RoninMX or Gremsy Gimbals and interfaces with DJI A3 CAN Bus nicely.

I'm interested in it, nice XT2 alternative with features beyond the XT2 feature set.
Company is well established, just not on UAV market until recently.

Few M600Pro Youtubes:
Install with RoninMX:

M600Pro Demo:
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How much? I do 5 or 6 sites a day, and setup breakdown is really easy with the XT2 Duo and M2 series.
I’ve requested a price on kit... currently have no idea yet.
I’ve held off on XT2, have the XT 640 Full Radiometric with 19mm that can be used with RGB on dual gimbal M210. I’m hoping price is less outrageous than a XT2 with DJI premium cost (compared to a Duo).

Depending on price, this one looks more interesting than the XT2... multiple lenses, 10X optical zoom plus digital zoom, etc. Although takes a M600Pro or A3 platform so it won’t work with my M210... just the M600Pro or S1000.
So that’s a factor for many... including myself.

You using a M600Pro or M210 with XT2?
Keep an eye on the Flir Tz20 Radiometric. It will have all the usual Palettes and will be able to save in Rjpeg. Should be out any day now I believe. My guess is it will come in just under $10,000.00 and US retailers will have room to discount. Won't have to play the open box game. That should force XT prices to drop. Finally some competition. Hope Flir comes out with Industrial drone next spring.
Wasn't aware of that one, nice unit!
The current TZ20 is dual Boson, which currently Boson sensor doesn't offer Full Radiometric option... I've heard they might but not appeared yet... be nice if they would. Even the smaller drones: EVO2 Dual and Anafi Thermal USA would benefit with the Boson Radiometric.

I'm a little out of luck on these new ones, they seem to be for M210v2 & M300. My M210 is a v1... and I'm not excited to pull that trigger.
I really like the M300 and all it's payload, but for my activity just not justified.

I am glad to see some 3rd Party beginning to integrate with DJI, that has been needed for years! So many options would be available if not limited to Zenmuse units.

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