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Octofilms received their Inspire 1 Production Version

So they leaked the video of the inspire, then listed the Inspire for sale on eBay (later got pulled) and now they are getting a production unit? WTF
1- They "accidentally" released the Inspire 1 before DJI
2- They flew over and harassed federally protected marine mammals
3- They flew out of a moving vehicle on a unrestricted HWY
4- Attempted to sell their pre-production Inspire
5- OctoJen doesn't know how to wear a hat properly

Seriously DJI, your giving Octofilms another chance to make you look even worse... What gives DJI?
These Octofilm. People are posers. Calling themselves "cinematographer" and filmmakers etc etc. How lame. And the above posts are correct. WTF is DJI DOING??

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