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Old closed down Mental Hospital... (2 Vids) Phantom and Inspire

no, but a lot of people do venture inside the buildings.. I would be scared they are not structurally sound or be full of asbestos. ha...
I went in a few years ago and it's a different world in their. Also was flying there today and was stopped did you run into any problems or did you have a permit
No issues there at all, at either building... As a permit goes, if your on the practically abandoned but public Kings Park Blvd or any of the dead ends like 3rd or 4th st I don't know what type of permit you would need? If your in the Nissequogue River Park I could see someone asking you if you had one... I had quite a bit of interaction that day with a few people / groundskeepers... Nobody asked me to stop or had anything bad to say. Overall I'd say a fun day.

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