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Once my firmware is installed can i erase it from my sd card? Nt

I only ever fly with a class 10, 64GB SD card, that has nothing on it, but newly created files from the X3 camera. While this is not specifically recommended by DJI, or anyone else,

What "newly created" files does my x3 produce other than pic/video? Where are my personal ac/rc settings saved (failsafe, C1/C2 button rc button assignments, etc.). Are they saved to the ac/rc directly or kept on the sd card? I see there are multiple files on the sd card. IE- DICM, etc. Thanks for your input.
The personal settings are not saved on the SD card. I presume they are saved in the RC unit. The other files created on the SD card, in the DCIM sub-directory and MISC (usually a hidden) sub-directory are created by the X3 camera, where it stores various things including any picture and video files. I believe all cameras, including my GoPro and Canon cameras, also create similar sub-directories and files, as soon as memory card is inserted. If you read the previous comments on this thread you will see others have noticed strange behaviors with the Inspire with various SD cards inserted in the camera. Clearly the camera has been programmed to check the SD card whenever it powers up, hence it does a firmware or battery update if the relevant .bin file is on the card. I believe it is safer to remove any possible source of errors in flight by having nothing on the in-flight SD card except what the camera creates.
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Thank you very much! Exactly the answer I was searching for. I formatted it prior to flight a little while ago. Just wasn't sure if it would delete personal preference settings. Pre-flight check off confirmed my question along with your help. I will fly with the card empty and only apply the bin when needed. Thanks again. This aircraft is soooo freagin' AWESOME! Can't wait for my extra batteries to arrive today.
Like others have said there's really nothing important on there but personally I find it's good practice to set my pc to show hidden/system files/folders and I always copy my sd cards from whatever device to my pc before I format them just in case.

Also I use the continuous file count mode and always transfer the last couple pictures/videos to the newly formatted card so I don't get duplicate file names for the new pictures I take as I keep a backup of all pictures/videos I take with it. Then once I determine everything's good I'll go back and delete the files from the sd card backup copy from my pc if I don't need them.

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