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Opinions wanted on editing software/computer

Sep 22, 2014
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Southern Pines, NC
I have always been a video hobbiest, and when the phantoms came along I spent many hours rendering my new videos. The learning curve for the software, (cyberlink power director 12) was a bit steeper than I expected, but more than that my laptop was just not fast enough. (Windows, 32bit processor, 8 GB ram. ) I realize this is slightly outside the discussion of videos, but I would appreciate any feedback from the professionals or "expert" hobbiests on what software/hardware choices to use. I hope to take full advantage of the Inspire's capabilities. I have a new Air2, and am ready to camp out on the kitchen table, update all the firmware, and spend a few days using the simulator. Maybe by then the weather will let me fly. Thanks.
Video editing has always been a real resource hog.

My suggestion is that if you're getting comfortable with your current software, I'd stick with it and really beef up the following critical components:

- Fast CPU (preferably either Intel or maybe AMD's upper end models).
- Lots of RAM (more than 8GB will help).
- Fast disk space really helps (preferably Solid State Drives).

I personally prefer Macs for my photo and video work as it just all "works" and the high quality of the hardware-software integration means that I can spend more time on my work rather than fixing/debugging/building computers.

I currently use a 2012 Retina MacBook Pro (Intel i7 2.6GHz Quad, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, 2TB external storage) hooked up to external IPS monitor, storage devices and it is a really good portable workhorse for the kind of hobby videos I make.

If you get into colour grading, it is important to colour calibrate your display regularly with a monitor calibrator every few weeks (these are not expensive). On the Mac, my video editing software was originally used iMovie for years, and then moved to Apple Final Cut Pro X.

But if you're comfortable with your current operating software, I'd beef up your computer as required for the job you have.

I also archive all of my video footage so that I have at least one backup. Good thing cheap and big hard drives and fast interfaces like USB 3 and Thunderbolt are available.

Here is my recent video then with the Phantom Vision+. Nothing too flash, a park outside of my house.
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much more than processor or ram, it's going to be your video card. Get the best card you can afford, period.
I recently purchased Cyberlink's Director's Suite which includes PowerDirector 13. I researched various video editing software (PowerDirector, Adobe Primere, Sony Vegas Pro, Corel VideoStudio, etc.) reading all the reviews and trying several demo packages, and came to the conclusion PowerDirector 13 was the best editing software for me. I'm to am a hobbist, PowerDirector 13 can do all the things I'm looking for and more, the learning curve is a little steep as the program is loaded with features, but the video tutorials on YouTube and Cyberlink's website are most helpful in getting up the curve. Also FYI, Cyberlink has a website called "DirectorZone" where you can watch tutorial video's, read blog post, and download free templates, very helpful.

I run PowerDirector on my Dell XPS laptop with Windows 7 Professional, older Core2 Duo CPU with 2.0 GB of RAM. I would highly recommend a more beefy setup but program performance on my laptop is acceptable.
Both my computer and laptop are set up for my photography work. Should be more than capable to handle video with their specs. I'm wondering about the most user friendly entry level video. I downloaded something called VideoPad video editor...but I don't know the difference between crap and creative!
I was able to get a video and some music synced up and combined...but I doubt I could repeat it any faster or efficiently...lol
TL:DR - Entry level suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
but I don't know the difference between crap and creative!

As above, likewise. LOL. Try Adobe Premier Elements 13, I looked and searched all over and tried at least 8 programs, from Sony/Cyberlink/wondershare/adobe premier pro/Serif and a few others. You can get a 30day free trial, and I've just downloaded it for £49 from Amazon. Try it and see what you think, it has a quick and expert functions as well, the big plus for me was it works on a PC (I have win 8 currently) and a Mac, if I changed I didn't want to learn another program.

And I use Lightroom for photos, which is excellent. IMHO.

Hope this helps, cheers Mark
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On a mac, final cut is as easy as it gets. Being an Adobe Creative Suite subscriber I use Premier but for the hobbyist, I think it's costly and has a steep learning curve.
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If you are in need of changing your computer, go for the iMac Retina. Plenty of video processing power and the 5K screen is simply stunning. The pricing point is actually cheap if you consider you are getting a computer in addition to a 5k monitor. I purchased mine specifically because of the Inspire 1 and I have to say I'm blown away by the performance so far (an I bought the base model only). Cheers
If you're tight on money though after your big purchase of your inspire LOL the 27 inch iMac is on sale for $1699 at Best Buy and does a phenomenal job I upgraded to 16 gig of RAM for $52.00 and if I ever want to I can use the fire port to add a 4K 2nd image.jpg monitor when the prices come down on them ;)
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