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Part 107 Flying In Canada ...

May 25, 2018
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Hi All ... I suspect this has been bandied about more than one, but like most things UAV, it's perhaps a moving target. I'm planning on a holiday trip to Quebec City. I'm in default thinking mode that capturing some aerial video using US criteria is a NO GO. Should I even pack my Inspire or phantoms? Can it be summarized about where a yank (or a cannuck for that matter) can legally fly/film without reading a stack of CAREGS?

Thanks for your considerations ...
Mar 3, 2018
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Oahu, Hawaii; Colton, California; Ontario, Canada
This link for instructions: Drone safety - Transport Canada

I'm also a US Part 107 holder. I've been working in Canada since 2017 and the rules for drones have been twisted since I've been here. They are not clear and leave plenty of "loopholes" for TC to hold you liable for things.

As of the new ruling, even for "recreational" use, you have to register the drone, take a "basic" exam, etc. etc. :oops:

I've completed Canadian ground school (certificated), and just tried to take the exam. I put in my personal info and email only to get prompted with a question asking if I am a Canadian citizen. Of course, my answer was no. I was then prompted with a screen saying all foreigners will need to apply for an SFOC before operating recreationally or commercially. :mad:

These are the types of things TC does not make clear at the front end of their websites or advertisements for operators. These new rules are not to take effect until June 2019 I believe, so you should be able to fly while being a foreigner and only flying for "fun". As long as you observe the "fun" rules, you should be good. Good luck.

The current rules (2018): Flying your drone safely and legally (current rules) - Transport Canada

NOTE: In Canada your are required to have insurance coverage, Min: $100,000...I believe that is recreational or commercial.
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