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pelican case for inspire 1 ...

I got the email on that, too. It definitely looks nice, but as Joola said, much larger than the DJI case, which already 'barely' fits into oversized compartments. If I were to ever travel with one, I don't know that I'd want to put it in checked baggage, which you would almost certainly have to do with this case.
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what I find funny is that it says: (2 already sold).. OUT OF STOCK!
Here is my solution to air travel.


Reno Tahoe Airport Terminal B. On my way back to Las Vegas. I now have been through TSA 6 times and they have never asked to open the DJI case with 4 lipos. This is a luggage rack that I purchased on Amazon for $24 and it is well worth it. It will not fit in the overhead with the rack attached. If you want to use it and not piss off the cabin crew and the other passengers, I would recommend that you remove it while in the boarding line. Other than that it was sure easier to trek from the gate to my car with this than having to carry it the full way.
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Definitely wont fit overhead compartments for regional flights (CRJ series aircraft) within US...will have to gate check at least (actually something I prefer as least amount of baggage handling issues and no cost...lol)
i would still wanna get a pelican water proof hard case with wheels for my inspire one if its big enough for me not to take off the props. now the case is great but just cannot fit my ipad air 2 and need to take out props every time.
Does anyone take their standard Inspire case to any dusty environments? Does it do well protecting the contents from dust?

I'm planning on taking mine out with me strapped to my utv on some desert trails (when I receive mine). I currently use a pelican case to protect my DSLR. Am I going to need a pelican for the inspire to keep trail dust out?

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