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Phantom 2 vision+ V3 w/ case, Ipad holder, 2 batteries and more. Cheap

Apr 23, 2015
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In case anyone here is interested.

My old DJI P2V+ V3 will sell in ebay to the highest bidder. No Reserve.


The auction includes:

- DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ V3 or version 3. updated to latest firmware.

- DJI Wireless remote control. Latest version.

- iPad holder (upgrade) worked with my iPad Air 2.

- Original iPhone clamp.

- Hard body aluminum case. (Everything will be shipped in here.)

- DJI WiFi Extender and mounts

-Two (2) DJI Batteries.

- AC Charger

- Original 4GB microSD card.

- Two sets of DJI propellers - one brand new, one previously flown

- Two extra New propellers.

- Quick start Manual. I've lost the original manual. You can download a PDF file at DJI.com or let me know I will print it and send it to you.

- MicroUSB Cable

- All original extras that came with the unit. Such as, extra shocks for the camera mount, extra camera mount clips, extra landing pads and the prop removal tool.

- The manufacturer's retail box can be included but you will need to let me know you want it. I plan to ship everything in the case. Not the original box.

- inspire 1 in the pictures is NOT included. The I1 is the reason I have not used my phantom.

- There might be a few things here and there that I am forgetting. Please look at pictures for what comes with the package. Ask me questions.


This P2V+ V3 was purchased in February of 2015. Since then it has been in a few jobs for my company. Mainly doing mapping using its Autonomous capabilities.

We have moved on to an Inspire and a s900 which has kept this beauty in the bench the last few months.

It's up to date with all updates in the camera, body, wifi extender and RC.

It is in perfect shape cosmetically and mechanically. The only thing that sometimes annoys me is that the image in the app will take a long time to give me a feed at start up. When this happens everything still works I just can't see the feed of video in my phone or iPad. I can still take video and pictures and use IOC and waypoints. We thought it might be our wifi extender but our dealer provided us with a new one and sometimes we still have that issue.

Also you will need to do an advance calibration when you get this phantom 2 vision+. I highly recommend you to do this before attempting to fly. The phantom goes through a hard time when being shipped and the sensors need to be calibrated back to normal when the new Buyer gets it.

Please please understand that these units are not toys. They require calibration, proper training and never ending check lists to assure enjoyable flights. Because of the nature of this industry there is no returns on this sale. I will have open communication with the buyer and teach you as much as I can if you wish.

If you are local and would like to look at it before you bid let me know.

I will cover the shipping as long as it's in North America. Everything outside that it's out of your pocket. Just let me know.

Thank you

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