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Price (not) Announced!

That's just a preorder deposit. That's not the actual price. From the item description:

"UAVDirect is accepting pre-orders via a $100, fully refundable deposit. Final pricing and shipping time has yet to be announced"

I see!!!!! Thanks
It should be $100 is only a battery and phone mount with some buttons. Pretty much an xbox controller.
Don't forget the hardware that's inside the handle that enables it to broadcast WiFi to your phone...
My guess is:

yes this is the second time...
I'm going to stick my neck out and say $999. I reckon they can get away with it too.

If it were $300 - $400 the child in me would almost certainly ensure I brought one, however if they're any more than that, forget it. What DJI needs to remember is we buy their products usually because they fly and take pictures from up there so there is great value in that. For a stick with a battery and a button that just takes smooth video when you're walking around, yeah maybe but not if its a blind rip-off.
Cool product, but the marketing method of popping in on threads where it's not relevant is a pretty lame thing to do.

Nice comment Jenn, I've reported him to the moderators. Hopefully they might request he stops and uses the forums for what they're intended for, not pawning off some lame-*** stickers.
Stop posting your stickers on every thread. It's not that good and you are just making an *** of yourself by doing this. Your actions are no different than a child who repeatedly nags at you when you tell them 'no'. Grow up.
Just put him on ignore, you won't see his posts anymore. It's pretty awesome.
I played with one a CES and they are pretty cool. Just fire up the Inspire app on your phone and you are good to go. That includes the ability to pan and tilt using your finger on the screen.

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