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Problems with Android app (Galaxy Tab S)

Jan 20, 2014
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I don't have much hope for the iOS side of things so I took the plunge with Android by buying a used Galaxy Tab S tablet. Nice tablet but, like others, not great in terms of choppy frame rates etc, so will probably return and go for the NVidia. Anyway, I was wondering about the following 3 issues - are they specific to the Android-OS, or to the individual device?

1) The choppiness and frame rate issues. The Samsung Tab S should have the processing power, so this seems weird. I don't know much about app development, but is this something that could be improved in software? Does software need to optimized for each tablet individually? I.e is it laggy because of the device itself, or because DJI haven't (yet) optimized the software for the device? (And on that subject, given that they pulled iOS, IMO the list of supported Android devices is rather pathetic.)

2) I had issues with Flight logs. When I downloaded my previous logs from the DJI cloud (recorded on an iOS device) half of the flights had incorrect times/dates (1970). What's more, none of the flights I made on the Android device recorded any flight logs.

3) Compass issues. On iOS I could see the direction of both the bird and the controller (helped make sure I was facing the bird exactly). On Android I don't see the direction of the controller - just home point.

(And of course, 4 - no simulator in Android. Boo!)

Any input greatly appreciated.
One thing people don't always realize is that not all Android tablets have a built in Compass module. Easiest thing to do is to download the free compass app. If the compass app works then you got compass hardware. No compass hardware and you will have issues with the compass.
The Tab S does have a compass - orients correctly in Google maps. But sadly this doesn't appear to translate to seeing the direction you're facing in the DJI app.
i have the same #2 problem as well. some dates are 1970. i have used the sync from ipad air 2 to my iphone 6, all sync data are correct. also some other character display problems else where.
so i think its a ios to android sync data problem.

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