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Proposed Canadian UAV Regulations- Last day for submitting feedback and concerns to Transport Canada

Dec 16, 2015
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Campbell River, BC
Attention all Canadian commercial UAV operators: Friday October 13, 2017 is the last day of public consultation, and for submitting your feedback and concerns.

You can review the latest amendments of the proposed regs. here: Canada Gazette – Regulations Amending the Canadian Aviation Regulations (Unmanned Aircraft Systems)

Of particular concern to us, commercial users of DJI products, is the requirement for all UAV's purchased after December 15, 2017, to have a "Certificate of Conformance" issued by the manufacturer. While older UAV's will be grandfathered, they will be severely restricted on where and how they operate. Flitelab summarizes it all very nicely here: Proposed Canadian UAV Regs Review – Grandfathered Compliance

It is very dry reading, but please go through the proposed regulations and Flitelab's blog linked above, and take the time to submit your feedback. These new regulations will affect all of us. And, if CAR 902.51(3) is passed unamended, and unless DJI decide to issue Certificates of Conformance for their drones, then our Inspire 1's, Inspire 2's, M100, M200, M210, and Phantoms, will no longer be permitted to operate in built-up areas (anywhere within a village, town or city), in controlled airspace (even though operators like myself have an SFOC to operate inside Class E airspace), and the permitted lateral distance that we would have to maintain from people will be 250 feet, at a minimum altitude of 250 feet above people, at a speed not exceeding 10 knots near people, and maintain a distance of 0.5 nautical miles from built-up areas.

Going forward, this has severe implications when it is time to upgrade. Basically, the most comparable compliant UAV (one sold with a certificate of compliance), to the DJI Inspire series is the Draganfly X4 series, and I believe those units start at around $32,000 CAD. I wonder how many of us can remain in the commercial UAV business in Canada if this becomes the new normal.

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