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Props not lining up

May 21, 2015
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After an aggressive practice flying session in strong-ish winds, my left/port side strut has shifted slightly.
She still flies ok but maybe compensating for this. To adjust it back I will need to remove warranty label.

Glen :-(

I'm sorry to see this happen to ya. But I'd be sending her back. Don't fly her no more as it could get worse and then the unthinkable could happen...
I'd say the left hand side hex nut may not have been tightened correctly back at Dji land. Is there much movement in the said area as apposed to the other side?

DO NOT! try and tighten this the hex nut because you will void your warranty. Loose hex nuts were mostly found on version A's. This is why they now supposedly check the nut then apply the warranty sticker onto the nut and boom. I guess this one got away..

Sorry mate but it looks like you'll be waiting for her at least 6 weeks before she's all mended up unless your place of purchase may be nice enough to replace just the bird or the entire kit for you?
Had this problem, more details here http://forum.dji.com/thread-13158-1-1.html , unfortunately the only solution was to send my bird to DJI Service in Germany, as there is a special calibration machine, to properly adjust the angle of the carbon fiber booms. I was also looking for a way to fix it myself, but it needs to be done in their service center, due to this special calibration machine. Don't know where you're located, I'm in Europe and all I can say is that DJI Support team in Germany is awesome, they did their best to send my bird back as soon as possible, I was very satisfied with their service. I also experienced a severe crash, due to pilot error, it looked to me like a total damage but thanks to DJI Support team I was back in the air in just two weeks. take care, good luck with the repairs !
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