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Props screwthread

The nut is turning in the prop. What ever you do don't mess the motor shaft up removing the prop.
I'm running something that look like that:

I find them to be a lot quieter that the DJI props. My inspire came with the quick releases, but comments on this forum got me to thinking about their reliability, so I switched to the original DJI, and then moved to these. The aluminum hub appears to be press fitted into the composite prop and that is certainly their weak point, but I think the DJI screw-ons have a similar construction.

It is all a trade off - I feel more comfortable with the after-market props. But I can certainly see a good argument for each of the other options.
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Hi Frank508, yes I think I got the same ones and indeed the alu hub appears to be press fitted, When I finally inspected the other one, it results that the hub was tightened after all and I could took it off, the alu screw construction underneath it was well backed to the composite CF, but when I inspected the other prop on the machine it seemed that the alu screw construction was not tightened to the CF props, it was turnable from the CF prop; so I could turn it of the motor screw (sorry for my english)


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I don't have any of the DJI screw-on props to look at, but I imagine that they have the same pressed in hub, and that is certainly a weak spot.

The other problem with the screw-ons is if you set you motor breaking too high, you can spin them off, especially with these carbon props that seem to have a lot more mass. I've turned my braking to the lowest setting, and then I am very careful when fitting the press fit hubs to the motors. It would be easy to over torque them and weaken the press fit bond, leading to the issue you had. (I'm not saying you did that, a prop strike, or a manufacturing defect would do it too.)

Your English is great BTW.
The other problem with the screw-ons is if you set you motor breaking too high, you can spin them off

Well not with prop locks they won't!
Original threaded props with locks offer redundancy so are are a much better option.
Well not with prop locks they won't!

I agree. The prop locks and the spin-on blades seem safer to me.

I've stocked up on what I believe will be a lifetime supply of spin-on blades and prop locks while they are cheap and plentiful.

Speaking of props, we spend a lot of time in the plane of the prop disk. I hope everybody replaces any prop that comes into contact with anything under power. A thrown blade can do a lot more than crash your Inspire.

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