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Recommended microphones ?

Discussion in 'Inspire 1 Discussion' started by carlos najera, Jan 13, 2015.

  1. carlos najera

    Dec 15, 2014
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    mexico city
    Any good 3.5 mm microphones for the DJI Inspire 1 camera holder? Specially on the 99 - 150 dollars price range. Any help will be appreciated. :)
  2. Morgon

    Aug 15, 2014
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    Glen Burnie, MD
    This thread is regarding the hand-held gimbal, which uses the Inspire 1 camera, but is not attached to the quad.
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  3. TonG

    Aug 14, 2014
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    The Netherlands
    There are hundreds of microphones in that price-range and it is hard to say what is a good one. It all depends on your wishes how to use the microphone.

    You have to know a few things before. Has the mic-input on the gimbal a low- or a high-impedance input. Does it have phantom power? There are a lot of electretcondensormic's in your price range that need phantom power. Otherwise you need a battery-loaded electretmic.
    You can make a choice for a dynamic microphone. They are robust and you have them with different directional characteristics. As a general rule the have a lesser high frequentie-range then electrets.

    Do you want to have a general cardioide or a more highly directional mic. It al depends on what and how you make your recordings.
    Do you attaches the mic al the time to your gimbal or also handheld (interviews e.d.)
    You have to make a choice for a certain directional characteristic! Do you want to record the general ambience sound; a simple cardioide will do the job. If you want to record dialogue you are better off with a highly directional mic; a short tube.

    Remember; the right placing of the microphone is far more important than the quality of it!
    And yes you will need a good windshield especially if you are recording outside. In windy conditions a foam shield is not sufficient. You then need a longhaired windshield (a "cat" as it is called)

    This was not a direct answer on your question but I hope it will quide you in your choices.

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  4. Soflms

    Feb 9, 2015
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    South Florida
    [QUmistake rgon, post: 9654, member: 14279"]This thread is regarding the hand-held gimbal, which uses the Inspire 1 camera, but is not attached to the quad.[/QUOTE]
    My mistake