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Resonance or frequency of resonance that can take out the gyro on our qauds?

Discussion in 'Inspire 1 Discussion' started by Markus DeBose, Aug 8, 2015.

  1. Markus DeBose

    Apr 13, 2015
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    There are other novel ways to knock out a drone, including hitting the natural resonant frequency of a UAV’s gyroscope. For whatever reason, that frequency is within the audible spectrum and can therefore be vulnerable to interference from noises transmitted at certain pitches! Have any body thought of a possibility of this being or maybe the cause of a flyaway? Is it even possible? Think about it! If you listen to the blades as they change to make our quads go in the direction it needs to go maybe it hits that resonant frequency that disturbs the gyro at that moment and causes it to go hay wild and fly away! I don't know it's a thought!