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Scientific / Real Wing + Drone Crash Test Video

Jan 16, 2017
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That’s pretty ugly, the Inspire 2 might take the whole wing off.

I will admit that is worse than I expected it to be. I’m also very happy that a real scientific test was done.

Flying in places that risk aircraft is serious.

This helps get the message out with some science behind it.
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I meant to post this as new thread in news. Which I just did also. Apparently can’t delete this post.

Here is a nice “update”
This plane flies through a brick wall and continues it flight. Not sure why we worry about them hitting planes ?

Boeing 737 flies into brick wall — and just keeps going

Boeing 737 flies into brick wall — and just keeps going

Partial text below
The jet not only clobbered the top of a five-foot perimeter wall but also destroyed a small landing guide tower as it climbed out of Tiruchirappalli International Airport in Tamil Nadu, India, shortly after midnight, the Times of India reported.

With 130 passengers on board, it was bound from the southern tip of India to Dubai across the ocean. And despite the audible and obvious collision, the pilot apparently saw no reason not to continue on.

“We informed the pilot about the hit,” the airport director told the IANS news service. “The pilot said nothing was wrong with the plane as the systems were functioning normally. But we found some parts of the plane, like an antenna, on the ground.”

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