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Shipping DJI

Sep 12, 2014
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North Carolina


Dear DJI Member,

We’re happy to announce that the first round of DJI Inspire 1 units will start shipping on December 31, 2014. As more units become available, orders will be shipped on a priority basis.

We know you’re excited to be flying DJI’s next generation platform, and we thank you for your support.

If you have any questions after receiving your Inspire 1, please write to [email protected]. If you have questions about your preorder, please contact [email protected].

Notes: Any units in circulation before this date are pre-production prototypes, and DJI offers no guarantee on any products obtained through unofficial channels. If you ordered an Inspire 1 with dual remote controllers, an Inspire 1 with one remote will be shipped to you according to your order priority, and the second remote will be shipped separately.

Thank you,


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Just received the same..
Wow they really pushed the whole end of the month thing to the very limit!
I think it's gonna take about a week to get to the UK.
I really hope that second controller won't be far behind..
Well, confusion still reigns. I communicated with the dealer I ordered from today and asked him when to expect the Inspire. HE has yet to receive any Inspires and has informed me that he also has not yet received a tracking number as to when HE can expect to receive them. This means that the Inspire has to be shipped there , unboxed, reboxed and sent out to me. UAV products is the dealer and they've been spectacular with service , questions, hand holding, etc.
It's all speculation. Are they shipping from China? I'm in the US and assumed that would be DJI's largest market. How is it that people are saying some dealers are receiving their Inspires this week? There must be a distribution center in the US that already has several containers filled with them.
Received the same today. I ordered mine direct on 11/14 with 2 controllers. Like sands of the hour glass!

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