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Snowing too much to fly... outside

Jan 26, 2015
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So I grew a pair and fired it up in the lounge for it's maiden flight...

Can't believe I drained all three batteries in the living room! I had to take the lamp shades off and some pictures off the wall because of the huge turbulence it created in such a small room - I didn't want any collisions. It's so stable though!

Actually I was pretty terrified the first time i took off... Then I learned how sensitive, and how easy it is. Even when it flicks between P OPTI and ATTI modes (usually when I'm not concentrating...)

My wife was surprisingly OK with this.

So I can confirm that the Inspire 1 is dead easy to fly in a small space - now I just need the snow to stop!

I am not sure I would do that in my living room but I flew in a 10x30' flying cage at CES and a smaller cage with a S900 at Photoshop world. It can be done but the pucker factor is high.
Wow that sounds a bit tight with the S900!

I have to admit, I didn't keep the gear up for very long. You have to be quick when it loses OPTI and reverts to ATTI otherwise there's a risk of destroying the house, I think...

I'm happy now I've flown it and clearly, I married a very tolerant woman, but like you say - a high pucker factor :eek:

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