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SOLD: Barely Used Inspire For Sale (San Diego)

Jan 15, 2015
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San Diego
I have a just about new Inspire 1 for sale. I bought this one from Drones Made Easy as a backup while my first Inspire 1 was getting repaired. The bird has about 2-3 hrs of flying time with all firmware updates installed. Comes with 1 battery and prop locks.

I'm asking $2,799 for it all with free shipping. If you are local I can meet you anywhere in San Diego.
I'm not offering, but I think just $100 off the list price is probably too high given it's already been used and there's always a risk buying from an individual. For $100 it's worth buying brand new and taking zero risk. I do believe you can probably do better than $1,499. I'm guessing $2,000 to $2,400 is about the right price depending on how fast someone needs it and how available (or not) brand new ones are.
Its no sweat off my back and I said where it was bought from so it gets full local support by pros. I'll make more money keeping it but I thought I'd offer a deal which it still is for "barley used". Were not buying a car with thousands of miles on it but one that is proven to fly with low air time.
There is no warranty when not purchased from an authorized dealer. I agree with Tahoejmfc.
Any chance, for our reference, you willing to share what it went for? Was it the $2300?
Nice, glad you were able to get most of it back. Honestly, it makes sense that these should hold their value when they are in good shape. Problem will always be knowing condition before you buy. Thanks for sharing.

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