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Sold - DJI Inspire 1

Aug 1, 2021
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This is the last of the three Inspire 1 drones I had. I have an attachment to it but I just have to keep investing in equipment, so it is time to list this. I flew it yesterday for the last time. This drone handles and does things that I cannot do with the Matrice drones, that's for sure.

To the best of my knowledge and belief, the only thing wrong with this drone is that the landing gear no longer raises. It sounds like a stripped gear.

IpadScreenShot.jpg IMG_1439.PNG This is from my last flight yesterday. I was out 1250ish meters or 3990 feet. Perfect signal all the way. Easily saw the drone against the overcast sky. I think the excellent signal is because of the AC FW ver 1.8.1 which is also modified a bit for speed and zone "performance".

The Drone: Inspire 1 V1.

IMG_7757.JPG IMG_7758.JPG IMG_7759.JPG IMG_7760.JPG IMG_7761.JPG

Package will include:
Drone, 1- Controller, 1- X3 Camera, 2- TB47 batteries. Physically good shape without swelling. Yesterday before flying, I looked and total capacity was 3702 with 24 charges and 3717 with 17 charges. So there will be one more charge and what ever depletion from a deep cycle with the SmartCharger I have for sale here: Smart Powercharge FS
4- used and 4 new original style spin on props.
3 - pairs of new 1345S props and 6 - pairs of mounting plates for 1345S props. A bundle of Carbon Fiber props. A mix of spin on and quick release. I liked them. I found the drone to feel sharper responses.
1 - downward sensor. I took this off of an Inspire 1 Pro that I damaged. It worked fine when removed.
4 - Inspire 1 Pro motors. These were taken off of the same damaged Pro that the downward sensor came from. Drone had about 30 hours on it. 3 should be perfect and 1 feels a tiny bit gritty. I had planned to put them on this drone while carrying an X5 but I only fly slow so never felt any need in the end.
1- Set of Polar Pro ND/CP filters (8 and 16)
Nose Cables, used in great shape.

Bundle 1.JPG Motors.JPG Filters.JPG

I am located in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Postal Code S4S 4A5

Price for everything together is $700 USD OBO. Let's keep offers in private messages please. I just checked with ShipNerd and the shipping cost to Jacksonville Florida is about 120. I chose Jacksonville because it is about as far as it is likely to go. Using dimensions 32x30x14 and 30 LBS. Phoenix is about exactly the same.
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