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SOLD : Pair of loaded Inspire 1s for sale - $3k

Dec 5, 2019
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Selling a pair of Inspire 1's. Bought these as a loaded set late last year from Jeremy Jones in the commercialsuaspilots facebook group. If you search "Toying with the idea" in that group, you'll find his original post. I upgraded from Mavic to this rig and probably put less than 10 hours on them before getting hired for Top Gear America. And while the Inspire 1 is perfect for so many things, for Top Gear I had no choice but to get Inspire 2's because for a shoot like that, you simply have to have the acceleration and top speed of the I2.

So... I'm selling the exact rig I bought from Jeremy, with an upgrade. I added an FPV camera to one of them... https://www.dslrpros.com/dslrpros-inspire-1-fpv-camera-upgrade.html
This gives you the functionality you need for working with a camera operator.

This setup is decked out with so much great stuff, and I'm asking just what we paid for it. $3000 plus shipping from Cape Coral, Florida.
ALL pics are actual units/equipment.

Includes the following:
Two (2) DJI Inspire 1 Pro airframes w/cases
One (1) Zenmuse x5 sensor/gimbal system
Four (4) GL658 controllers
One (1) DJI Focus Wheel with I1 control cable
Seven (7) TB48 batteries
One (1) TB47 battery
Two (2) PGYTech forward lighting systems (bright!)
Two (2) Firehouse Technologies Arc II strobes
One (1) three-battery simultaneous-charging multi-charger
Two (2) DJI individual battery chargers
One (1) Lumix 45-175mm lens with custom counterbalance weights for the x5 gimbal
One (1) Panasonic 25mm lens
One (1) DJI 15mm lens
Extra props, controller harnesses, charging cables, random spare parts, and other miscellanea.
NOTE: (from Jeremy) I don't know the charge cycles of each battery but, when using the 5-second button-push method, all batteries are either 3 or 4 lights still lit.
2nd NOTE (from Jeremy): One airframe took a hard landing a while back and had a foot replaced. Still flies perfectly, though. (note: when I got this from Jeremy, I couldn't even see what he was talking about)
email me if interested
rpossum - gmail account73099883_10157692407852277_1565611911213481984_o.jpg73174423_10157692407947277_4366078399504973824_o.jpg73495083_10157692407872277_6394354736283254784_o.jpg74339079_10157692404847277_5214562825350938624_o.jpg74345572_10157692404737277_4746415736593842176_o.jpg74365738_10157692405172277_1123503315091456_o.jpg75521977_10157692404667277_7527978682246234112_o.jpg76178946_10157692404592277_1096706666239361024_o.jpgIMG_20200424_130854.jpg

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