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Some aircraft control questions

Jan 26, 2015
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Before I actually take my I-1 out and take off, I have a couple of newbie questions.

Background is I bought this for a project in Switzerland with my sister and aerial photography was important. This seemed like the best way forward.

Having little prior RC aircraft experience, I went out and bought a very cheap (but quite large) quadcopter with nothing but a 6 axis gyro to keep it flat.

I've been flying this regularly for the last month and have yet to destroy it. I can comfortably fly it around in all orientations, land, hover, facing different directions, in wind far to strong for it etc. It flies up to about 100m away, so it has been quite good practice.

On this cheapo 'copter, on the controller (mode 2) the left stick doesn't spring back to the centre in the up-down axis. So basically, the props are not turning when the stick is all the way down, but the "throttle" is all the way "open" when the stick is at the top of it's travel.

On the Inspire 1, what should I expect once I arm the motors (both sticks down and towards each other) in ATTI mode and in P-GPS or P-OPTI mode? The reason for my question is that the left stick of the controller always springs back to the centre.

I think that I would prefer to have my first takeoff in ATTI mode, just so that I have full control of the aircraft, but I have to say, I'd like to know what's going to happen once arming the motors and centering the sticks...

Could someone please explain?


Good question and good that you're cautious ... the Inspire 1 will start spinning props when you arm the motors ... but they will rotate at slow idle speed when the sticks are in their centred neutral position, i.e. the craft will not automatically take off like that.

To take off you have to give some up thrust or use the auto take off from the app.
That's good to know - thanks.

One other thing - I've read about people having some issues and having the aircraft drift or fly away into a garage door etc.
If I was to experience some strange control phenomenon whilst in P-GPS or P-OPTI mode, would I DEFINITELY regain control if I flick the switch back to ATTI mode, provided that I am still connected to the aircraft?

Presumably if I start and remain in ATTI mode, then provided I have decent enough skills, there should be no issue, right?

I've flown a few times outdoors and indoors without having the craft go out of control.

However, I have seen it switch between P-GPS, P-OPTI and P-ATTI by itself.

The switching make sense but can catch one off guard, i.e. don't assume if's always going to be in P-GPS and take your attention off .. it may switch to P-ATTI when you don't expect especially if there are buildings or obstructions nearby.
That spring is actually one of the things that makes these quads so easy to fly. The inspire has equipment on board to allow it to hold its altitude (as well as its direction and lateral movement). When you turn on the machine and then the props, it will just sit. Once you thrust, it will move up with the stick but once you let go, it will sit in place. The position that the sticks spring back to are the hold position in the air. This way if you let go of your controls the quad will just come to a stop in mid air and hold its position. In order to bring the quad down you must physically push the stick or call it home.
I just fly my Inspire in GPS mode...making sure I have calibrated the compass properly everytime I fly. I make sure I have satellite control before I take off. When I take off, I let the craft hover close to me and double check everything. The overall control in this mode is great...rock solid. It really depends on what you are used to, but just starting out, flying with GPS control seems logical to me.
same here, always calibrate your compass, its a good habit to get into. I also calibrate my IMU regularly
I know this has been posted before, but I have heard that it is a good idea to check IMU settings - specifically Mod values before you take off, just to double confirm everything is ok. I'm seeing 3 Mod values on my screen, stacked above each other. I don't mind doing this at all if it will help make sure I am in good shape before taking off. My mod values that I'm looking at right now are:

Mod 0.00

Mod 1.00

Mod 1415.37 (this value fluctuates slightly)

Are these OK and is this a good practice to get into?

I'm going to make a comprehensive laminated check list and go through this list every time I fly.


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