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Stolen inspire v2

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mike wright, Aug 20, 2016.

  1. Mike wright

    Jan 26, 2016
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    HI all , hope you don't mind me posting this and I know it's focused more for uk pilots !
    Had all my equipment stolen early hours of Friday morning (19th August )
    We were returning home from a 2 week holiday when I had the phone call from the house alarm 3.08am , then the call from the police at 3.26am who were at the premises but thieves had gone with all my stuff !
    If I list everything will you keep an eye out for anything offered around please ?

    Inspire 1 v2 in its original case with spare battery's props and all leads charger etc
    It had a transformers Optimus prime logo on the top of the nose

    Immersion Vortex 285
    Fat shark dominator v2 with fan equipped face plate
    Align mr25 (yellow)
    Spectrum dx8 (silver)
    12 various battery's ( some tattu some overlander )
    All this stuff was in 2 Maplin impact cases with precut out foam
    Loads of props and a few tools

    I am absolutely gutted ,
    Thanks all
  2. DennisR

    Nov 27, 2015
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    Perth, Western Australia
    So sorry to hear that.
    I know how it feels. I arrived home from Hong Kong 2 years ago to find my place had been broken into and they had taken all my stuff. All my cameras and computers . Over $90,000 worth plus my new Mercedes cabriolet and the car was the only thing insured. I put a sign up with a reward offering $10,000 for the return of my goods which included 13 hard drives of footage used for tv commercials. I got a bite but the thieves didn't call me back. then I saw the movie, "Payback" with Mel Gibson and I put a sign up offering a reward for info to the person that took my stuff of $2,000. I got a bite and all the details of the thieves. It guts you. I cant tell you enough how much I know how you feel. So sorry.