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Suing DJI

After being in the film industry for over forty odd years and now semi retired, I thought to outlay quite a bit a cash in purchasing an M2P along with all the expensive bits needed to try my hand in shooting from the sky for a change. Then came all the expensive courses needed to get the paperwork in place to be able to fly. Did all that and then added an expensive I2 to my arsenal, again with all the expensive bits to hook on it, so it could actually take off and fly to take some great footage.
So are we saying that all this could be a total waste of money if DJI has an I3 and M3 for sale and then decide in a couple years time not to support the M2P and I2 drones I’ve just purchased? That leaves us all in exactly the same position as an I1 owner? If that’s the case, I support getting something done or at least try.
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Welcome to the tech industry. Your new iPhone this week is obsolete next week.
It's all accurately calculated as evidence by their success. We are free to choose any aircraft we want, but the I1 has been out for quite some time.
Flight times with the X5 are abysmal, no obstacle avoidance, etc.
This is where non OEM manufacturers can take the opportunity or not. It's up to profitability margins.
Or if you see a market, take it yourself and research rebuilding batteries, injection molding parts, etc.
Keep driving your Ford Taurus and Sue Ford when it's old or accept the inevitable and go for the ride
Perhaps research a different manufacture with more modular, upgradeable parts.
Throwing a fit and even considering your suit is a waste of time and resources.
x5yo I support you 100%. It is odious how DJI operate, irrespective of whether other companies do the same. I find it sad that so many of your fellow pilots seem to be almost willing you to fail because their cynicism is telling them it's pointless to go up against a big company (even if they secretly agree with you - some people just like to be proved right). In my view it isn't pointless - even if all you do is to raise awareness, that's very valuable. All power to you and I'd love to think everyone on this forum would unite behind you! If everyone in history had just given up in the face of unfairness, where would we be?!
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I do agree with this and sympathize with his frustration. I disagree with the voucher idea since that does nothing to change their (DJI's) behavior. I just read where someone sold their I2 because it was too expensive to maintain and went back to the I1. I agree with the sentiment this an uphill battle and you probably won't have any success against DJI. This does however make a positive plug for the fix-it crowd and the market in general. Hopefully, the market will eventually listen.

I also understand the comment that you can't expect Sony to support a 6 year old TV. I understand, only in that, we've just accepted this as normal and haven't done any kind of push back against the throwaway society. This is my whole argument against the IoT (Internet of Things) mentality. Any company can brick what you've purchased from remote.

I was first a Yuneec Typhoon H owner and heard nothing but accolades from Inspire users regarding 'Smart' batteries vs 'dumb' Typhoon H batteries. Well, guess what? When my I1 is grounded due to a lack of batteries, my Typhoon H will still be flying. Don't get me wrong, I like my Inspire 1 but at the end of the day, I guess the better drone is the drone that keeps flying even if Yuneec is under Chapter 11 at the moment and has basically no US support.

A lack of repairability is exactly why I've bailed on Apple products. I'm seriously thinking of bailing on the whole turnkey drone thing too and considering building my own DIY hexacopter kit with a PixHawk. Too bad the I1 is rapidly turning into a shelf queen. It is a sexy beast though...

Hopefully, someone, (disgruntled ex-DJI employee(s) perhaps?) will rise to the challenge of creating aftermarket DJI batteries. This would probably do more to stick it to DJI. Just remember, dollars equate to votes, we just have to be willing to quit voting against our own interests.
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I've got about a dozen pieces of electronics that would fall under this same category. Let me know how that works out for you
I guess Ford is expected to still support the Pinto????
No, and that's not even a good argument. The most recent Ford Pinto is 40 years old, most would be pushing 50, not 5 to 6 years, but I bet you can still get a battery for one. You can even put gas in it and still get parts. There's a lot of decades old unsupported products that can still be maintained and used. A 2-3k drone should not become an expensive paperweight in 5-6 years. I guess if you lease your car, you don't care.

Maybe a better argument would be Ford making a Pinto specific battery, they decided to stop making it after 5-6 years. No other battery will work, so your Pinto is essentially dead in 5-6 years. The rub here is that you can't even sell it, your Pinto just became worthless, no bluebook value at all. (Actually, a brand new Pinto was worthless) but I digress.

I don't know, maybe your all are ok with this. Personally, I'm not. I would expect the useful lifespan of an expensive depreciable fixed asset to be more than 5-6 years.
50 or 5. Your point is moot. The fact that third parties will provide some Pinto parts is irrelevant; Ford doesn't and that is your argument. There is no legal doctrine that forces any manufacturer to devote resources to a discontinued product in perpetuity.
And I do own an I1 and batteries are still available.
50 or 5. Your point is moot. The fact that third parties will provide some Pinto parts is irrelevant; Ford doesn't and that is your argument. There is no legal doctrine that forces any manufacturer to devote resources to a discontinued product in perpetuity.
And I do own an I1 and batteries are still available.
And that's why I'd never buy a car that required proprietary fuel. I'm glad you and I can still get batteries because the existing stock hasn't yet been depleted. Yea for us, I however can empathize with those who can't. And in answer to your original comment...Yes, if Ford made proprietary fuel that could only be used in a Pinto and no other car then yes, I would expect them to keep making fuel for more than 5-6 years. I don't really care if they make the car any more, they can stop making it right after its release but if it depends on proprietary fuel, then, yes, I expect them to keep making the fuel for the foreseeable future.

I assume you wouldn't buy a car that couldn't use existing gasolene but instead would only run on proprietary fuel? Funny, we all bought a drone with basically the same limitation. Fool me once. As I said, I'm building my next hexacopter for roughly 1/5th the price and lots of cheap batteries.
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It really bothers me that DJI is allowing their authorized dealers to still sell them as if everything is ok. I just bought one and am now forced to buy TB48S batteries for the Matrice 600 and swap the board from defunct Inspire batteries.

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