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Taking rig on a plane

Dec 24, 2014
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Will these be accepted on a plane for travel? No hassle with anything inside such as battery, etc? If I can't travel with this, that's a show stopper, literally. Thanks.
I'm seeing conflicting reports. Some are saying you cannot fly with T48 at all (like the above message), and others say you cannot check it and have to take it as a carry-on.
Alright, so the TB47 battery is 99.9 Watt Hours, and the TB48 is ~130..
Sooo, that would tell me that you could fly with as many TB47s as you'd like, and two spare TB48s.

Did I get that right?

Yes, just remember, if you check your Inspire case, it can only have the one installed battery included (Turned off, of course and prudently discharged). All other batteries must be carried in the Pax compartment, with all exposed leads taped over or in a plastic bag. Lipos are dangerous items and must be handled with care, especially on an airplane. Hope this helps. Happy and safe flying.
Morgon I believe you are correct. Any guys out there that have received your inspire.. What are the chances of being able to carry on with the case? I am very scared of checking it on an airplane. From pictures and videos it seems a bit large. However it is very common for people to carry on larger then FAA regs. Can someone supply dimensions of the case?
I have traveled with mine several times. I have had no issues with TSA. In fact they have never even opened the case. The case itself is slightly oversized. It fits in the bin of a 737-700 on Southwest however. I have not has a CSA question me with the case or a FA either. I would have a speech available to explain that the case contains lipos that are not transportable in the belly of the aircraft. Let them look for an easier target.
Good to know. I mainly fly SW. Definitely will plan to carry on and have my bit about the LiPos if ever questioned

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