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TB47 intelligent flight batteries

Jul 19, 2023
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Inspire 1 batteries are available on alibaba.com just search TB47 intelligent flight batteries also advertised are TB48 has well happy flying
Are the alibaba batteries OEM? I honestly wouldn't trust anything but OEM. There's a LOT of money and risk up there in the sky to scrimp on batteries. As long as OEM are still available through DJI, that's the route I would take.

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Donnie, last year I was able to buy one TB48 thru DJI but this year no luck. Can you tell us how you go about buying them thru DJI . Thanks Tom
Because getting OEM batteries is spotty at best, we purchased TB48 replacement-packs without BMS direct from China some time ago. We were questioning the actual capacity at first. Having bought some more, we thoroughly laboratory tested them under high load. They do in fact perform well under high-stress-loading conditions. Using the replacement-packs requires some skilled technical work though as the TB48 battery pack must be disassembled to install the 6S2P replacement-packs. The packs come fully assembled on a back-plane with connector for the BMS connection. The original DJI cell-pack must be carefully de-soldered and removed. Doing this is not very problematic but care must be taken to avoid risk of shorting charged batteries. When removing, the temperature sensor (attached to BMS) must carefully be removed from between cell 4-5. Then the new pack is soldered into place, temp sensor put back and the entire battery pack reassembled. The purchased packs don't have metal isolation safety barriers between the individual cells as would be "proper battery construction practice" in high capacity lithium storage devices. We always added those barriers.

Our tests show that the 6000mAh 6S2P cell-packs aren't actually 6000mAh but usually fall short of the 5700mAh. After "un-sealing", resetting "PF" Data Registers, resetting "Lifetime Data", resetting "Cycle Count" in BMS through the SMBus using BQStudio/EV2400, the BMS usually reports around a 5650mAh 'FCC'. We also performed similar testing on TB47's, having upgraded their BMS to TB48's.

Using these replacement-packs does appears to be a viable alternative to actually soldering individual cells into the original TB47/48 battery bus. We have refurbished many batteries by soldering individual cells but that is a tedious and sometimes "Exciting" process. Special solder and rosin must be used and this work requires a very good soldering station and expert skills.

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