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The nothing happened thread

Dec 30, 2013
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I want to start a thread where pilots discuss how they went out and flew and nothing bad happened. Tell us how many flights you have on your Inspire where nothing went wrong, and how enjoyable it was to fly. Tell us how long you have been flying UAS's and what you do to make your flights safe and enjoyable. It just seems like a few who have just started flying have made this a Inspire bashing site and I want to show how many people are flying with nothing bad happening. This I hope will offset the negative threads.

I will start. I have fifty flights on the Inpsire, almost 10 hours of flight time with nothing but positive things to say about the airframe. It has been rock solid. Preflight and risk assessment are the two words I live by when heading out to fly. I take my time getting ready, then perform a short after takeoff assessment. Have never had an issue. Flew the Phantom II before with probably 200 flights and still have the original props on the bird.
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Not tempting fate with this thread! Sods law the moment I say "never had a problem" will be the day I total it or lose it over the horizon....
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Superstitions are excuses for those that are unprepared. Might my Inspire crash, sure. It will be the cause of pilot error or mechanical failure. Not because of some gremlin who didn't like my post on a forum. If you all can't even speak well of your craft without fear, then we might as well turn this forum into a DJI haters club. IMHO
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then we might as well turn this forum into a [...] haters club.
But that's the very definition of an internet forum! :D

As soon as there is 0.1% of things not going right, 90% of the average public will assume things always go wrong. That's how this thing called "human" works... ;)
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I also have nothing but good experiences with my I1. I had two years a Phantom, no worries with that either, exept once when flying too near of power lines and it got crazy. Luckily it end up in thick bush instead of solid ground so it did survive even that.

Then again, we wanted to make a bigger multicopter, first a normal hexa and then a Y-hexa. We builded them ourselves. We had different flight controllers, Naza, Xaircraft and we tried to add good video link with several different pieces etc. We made gimbals with different brushless motors etc. So after all there was a huge collection of parts that SHOULD work together ok. But anyway, something always seem to disturb the system. So they flew well for a while, and then always something unexpected occurd. Several crashes without any real reason than the system just got suddenly crazy.

My theory is that if you put too many electronical parts together and they should work ok together, but if there are enough them on the same lane, something strange starts to happen... The "psychology" of electronic devices is very strange... So we fed up with that and almoast ended our aerial video / photography (we are a video production firm).

But then, when the I1 appeared on the market, then I thought I will try once again, this time with a creature that has been designed so that all parts have been made to work together. And yes, no worries any more of strange behaviour every now and then like it was before. Our I1 has always worked well, the video is good, gimbal works always well, there are many nice things added, like the possibility to see your flight afterwards etc. etc. So here is a very happy I1 pilot!
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All is well here.. 139 flights, and almost 17 hours, and a half a million feet covered. Only one wonky flight (bad compass mod reading), and an Ipad that crashed once during flight, but RTH saved the day. Overall, this is a workhorse. Love this bird! Just do a pre flight checklist, check mods and battery cell levels, use your common sense, and all will be fine.

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