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Two Sets of NEW PHANTOM 2 Vision Props for sale

Mar 11, 2015
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Have two new set of props for sale, still in bag, never used. If anyone is interested PM me and make me an offer.
No shortage Pete.. I know some of the people here have a Phantom 2 as a backup and I have some extra props that I have no need for, and I am not a member on a phantom forum so I posted here. Hope that is okay with you?
If you have a membership here, which you clearly do then it is also valid on www.phantompilots.com with the same user name and password. It's not whether your classified listing is alright with me, it's whether it's at all relevant to this forum which in my opinion, it's not. Like many members here I also own a Phantom but I will visit the appropriate online shops or forums to buy parts or ask advice. I have a nearly new microwave oven for sale, perhaps I should list that for sale here too seeing as though most people who own an Inspire also own a microwave. See my point?
Well Pete, thank you so much for your opinion and your vigilante policing of this forum. You've done a bang up job on this case sir... commendable. Your point is well taken... many members here may certainly have a microwave. What I would like to point out is that many members here also have decorum and tact, and are actually friendly. Sadly you are unlike many of those members. Since you've been so gracious as to bestow your ever enlightened perspective on this post let me do the same.... next time kindly guide me to whatever appropriate site you deem my post best suited. I'd be more then happy to correct my glaring error without having to waste time facetiously responding to what seems like a bored human on the other side of the planet. Lastly, just be nice man... don't be an *** about things... it's not a good way to live.
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Wow, sensitive much? Yes, we were all new members on here once. I've only been a member here for a couple of months after migrating from the Phantom forum site. It's a great resource for learning all about the INSPIRE and picking up tips and pointers from other members. From time to time a member will post a thread or question that is not relevant , is too vague or has been asked a thousand times before. Usually when this happens other members will point that out. It is generally how society works. Once in a while it turns out that the member who has posted the original thread acts like a spoiled ***** and pisses themselves because somebody has dared to point out their erroneous error in a non offensive manner. Grow up or go away.
I am with Pete on this one. If I were looking for props for a Phantom, I would migrate to a site that catered to the Phantom. Posting on a site designed specifically for a different model seems lile a desperate attempt to peddle your goods and borderline spam.
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Wow, tough crowd here....

Here's the problem. The forum says... "Have something to sell? Private sellers may post here free, Commercial vendors must email site owner prior to posting."

No where in there does it differentiate between Inspire and non Inspire parts. Perhaps the powers to be should make that more obvious.

I recently asked questions about a Phantom remote in the "off-topic" section and was told that the section was for off-topic discussion which apparently did not include Phantom questions....

Having said that, unless the mods make it clear as to whether or not the classified section is for Inspire parts only, I'd say someone selling Phantom parts would be a smart idea in there since it's pretty safe to say that the majority of Inspire owners probably have Phantoms laying around.

How much for the props?


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