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upgrading my inspire1v2.0 to an inspire 1 pro with an x5 camera, no updates will instal, what do i do?

Jul 6, 2019
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Hey Guys, thanks in advance! I have an inspire1 v2.0 and i saw somewhere its possible to ugrade to the inspire1 pro by adding high heels on the drone, so when you add the x5 camera it doesnt hit the ground, oh and also adding the software upgrades... So i have attempted to do all the above, oh i forgot to mention i crashed the drone before this it had an x3 camera which was destroyed. also i had to replace the motor that raises and lowers the legs, at the time i sent the drone into be worked on, the legs wouldnt raise or lower, and replaceing the coreboard fixed the raise and lower issue, but still not able to update software so i can use the x5 camera...
so steps i have taken ;
1 downloaded and put the bin file onto the sd card, i used the inspire 1 pro, and i also tried the x5 and nothing
2 I sent the drone to a fixing company for drones, and they couldnt fix it, they did recomend a new coreboard, so i replaced that, still nothing
3 i replaced the ribbons from the gimbal holder to the nose computer
4 tried at least 6 times to download and instal the bin files

I am wondering if i should replace the computer just above the gimbal?

any advice would be appreciated! thanks guys!

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