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Urunga Australia... the aquatic playground...

Aug 11, 2015
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Urunga is on the east coast of Australia... it is a unspoilt beautiful part of the coast... this is a video i did a few months ago... hope you enjoy ...
Thanks Neil... i dont know what happened .... i will try again.... can you tell me how to delete this video ? i am new to this site... also new to using Vimeo... any help would be much appreciated ...
The Vimeo bit I can help with....click Settings under your video on the video page, then click the Privacy tab and set to "Anyone". You need to make sure that the video embedding setting allows you to embed "anywhere" (or to this specific site if you're a Vimeo Pro user)

I suspect that the embedded videos will come to life in your original post once you've done that :)
Thanks Neil.... i am a vimeo plus user at the moment.... i will try what you said ... cant wait to get my act together... its all new to me at the moment... thanks again...
At least it's still unspoilt;).Hope I can see this when problems are solved.

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