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Video grain and compression

Discussion in 'Photos and Videos' started by Paul Galvez, Mar 7, 2015.

  1. Paul Galvez

    Mar 5, 2015
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    Redlands, CA
    So I've had my inspire for a week, and I love how it drives, and it flies. But I've been disappointed with too much grain and compression on the image quality. I knew very well, that I was buying into an amazing drone with an ok camera. But to me the amount of grain is almost unacceptable. IM even considering returning it or selling it. I’ve tried shooting at ISO 100 and some color correction in FCPX and Davinci Resolve, with not much luck. DO any of you guys have any input on this? MY main goal in getting this was traveling and getting some footage to sell stock footage online, but now I don’t know how many people will accept this footage, but maybe I am wrong. Anyways I just want to know if anyone has any suggestions or comments. Thanks!