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Video loss. Your experience

Dec 22, 2014
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Sovizzo Italy
reading of people that push his I1 miles away, I' m a little bit jealous. As the day pass I'm pushing mine always far well beyond the LOS. As i approach 700 mt video start to discontinue, at 800 the symbol on ios app get red and I turn back. This is the 2nd time. A nice valley, no powerline, no cellphone tower 100 metres high. Can someone tell me why.
Whis to adda screen sot of pilt log but i cant figure out:confused:
I wouldn't get too jealous in my opinion. Maybe I'm getting too old and my 20 years of LOS is holding me back. With the reports of the GPS dropping out and the need to fly ATTI, I would recommend that you remain LOS for the time being. Just my friendly 2 cents. As to why your video is dropping, I'm afraid I can't answer.
Do you have your video settings in auto? If not, then maybe you should. And if you do, several people have reported that the system will switch modes at around that distance causing some breakups, but once you go past it it's good again.

I personally didn't go beyond 650m or so yet and never had video issues.
You also don't say what height you were at. At those distances I like to be at least 30m high assuming no obstructions.
Hi blade, I use an ipad air 2, antennas are as vertical as possible not touching the tablet. I was, as in my previous 700 mt flight, facing my inspire. If you have read this post I was in a " quiet" valley: no powerline no cellphone towers. I knoow the map will indicate the way home but idon't feel much confident if i cannot see what he (she?) Can see. I have been used to navigate using instruments and sensors but i MUST rely on that stuff. The signal loss is almost impressive from 3 white lines you get RED
Let see if quadzilla advise help me to upload flight logimage.jpg

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