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Wanted: TB47/TB48 battery white plastic tops

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Jan 16, 2021
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Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone had any dead TB47/TB48 batteries as I need 4 of the plastic white tops.

Needless to say, 4 of my batteries get the tops damaged thanks to a puppy. Someone left one of my drone cases open after I asked them to grab me the camera out of that case. The pup came along and figured the batteries sticking out were chew-toys... I was glad there wasn't any controllers or other stuff he could get at. Needless to say, my daughter who left the case open learned a valuable lesson, the same one she learned about leaving her sock drawer open... Pups will rip anything apart if given the chance (she has about a dozen pairs of socks with holes ripped in them).

So if anyone has any of the tops available, name your price. I am located in New Berlin, WI 53151 for shipping reference.

I don't need the smart board and the rest of the battery, only the tops, but if you have a dead/defective battery and don't want to mess with tearing it apart for the top, that is fine, I can take the whole battery as well.

As much as as love dogs......
Can we keep the classifieds section to buy/wanted only please guys.

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Hello Brian, I have four tops to trade if interested. Here is my proposal I will send you four white tops at no cost to you. Now when one of those battery becomes unusable do to low flight time you send it to me at no cost. Tom20210506_132552 (2).jpg
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This IS a rather seedy bunch. Now I know where to "pop in" for free dinner. HA!

This thread is no longer needed. I got all 4.

Please delete or close the thread.
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