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What is the best way to discharge batteries for 20 cycle recharge

Feb 12, 2015
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I find it odd that the only way to discharge the batteries down to low voltage cut off deals with flying the copter or leaving the copter on. I would think engineering wise you would want to find a way to do this battery maintenance by not adding running time on to the aircraft's system.

I know they say it takes the auto discharge 2 days to get down to a level below 65%, I wish somewhere in the circuit they could have a bigger discharge something that you could do by holding the batteries power button on for 30 seconds and that would trigger a complete discharge that would take a day to do.

Or if there someone out there came up with a discharge unit that you could attach to the battery and it would automatically bring down the voltage to zero or a safe storage 65%

So my question at this time what is the best way to bring your batteries down for full discharge on the 20 cycle maintenance requisition???
just like Dena said but land it and turn the motors off. Leave the power on and when the inspire powers itself off, you are ready to give it a new full charge. This also resets everything about the battery.

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