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Which Prachute ?

still, it looks like a good system - would need to see the velocity and reduction figures to see how it fares to others - as they all seem to look quite quick coming down!
I haven't found a single arresting system yet that is any good.
They all seem like total snake oil. The speed at which the aircraft ultimately hits the deck is still too fast.
All of them are total garbage IMO.
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I am well aware that a parachute for my Inspire 2, probably not will save the drones to break if it falls down.

However, in Denmark you do not have to fly over humans. One should, however, be fine if there is a smaller group that allows it, but then it requires the drone to have a parachute.

So the idea of these parachutes is probably not to save the drones, but to prevent people from being killed by a falling drone.

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