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Which sunshade is best for iPad air2 and mini3?

I went with the cardboard and duct tape method. Didn't cost me anything and I have a nice shade hood.
The best hoodini the iPad air 2_ $36.95 are sold out check out the mini

people say the magnets on the hood might mess with the signals. i also have one coming in the mail, will cut out the magnets and use velcro just be on the safe side.
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I either stand in the shade of something or use a golf umbrella...everything I have tried on my mini works good when I am not flying...but become worthless when flying (get in the way/fall off...)
I just got a email from Jen from Hoodini early February they are having a new product called call a padhat its a little stiffer and will work well with copter fliers for iPads
I found mine on compushade.com It was 30 bucks and is great. I have to put the Ipad on the mount first and then wrap the shade around it afterwards to make it fit. When I first got it I thought it was going to be too big but it looks like it'll do just fine.
Self cut foam core.


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