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X5S ProRes 422 HQ vs Mavic 3 ProRes 422 HQ (not good)

Jun 15, 2020
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My work drone is the Inspire 2 with the X5S. Im taking off and landing on boats as most of my work is boating related. The reason I fly the Inspire is so I can shoot in ProRes 422 HQ - so with the release of the Mavic 3 Cine, I thought wow, what a great opportunity to loosen my load, I can get the same quality as the X5S in a smaller package and catching the mavic 3 is a lot easier than the inspire 2, especially on a boat over the water...

Well, I have downloaded many of sample files from the Mavic 3 Cine ProRes 422 HQ and from what I see, its no where comparable to the X5S ProRes 422 HQ. I pretty much only shoot in 2704 x 1520 | 50p on the X5S and comparing that to Mavic 3 Cine ProRes 422 HQ 4k or 5k the X5S looks so much better than the Mavic 3. When I compare the two, it makes the Mavic 3 - 422 HQ files look like h.264.

How is this possible when they both are shooting in ProRes 422 HQ, wouldn't you think the two images would look comparable? Its like the Mavic 3 is a fake ProRes 422 HQ.. The X5S bitrate is 900Mbps and the Mavic 3 Cine is 3,772 Mbps so whats going on here?

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May 16, 2022
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So I'll just share my thoughts on this. I do not know if this is true so this is just my opinion. While the Mavic 3 Cine is a way newer system I don't feel it was designed for a professional look. While it is an amazing drone that can shoot extremely high-quality content it has its drawbacks. For most people, you wouldn't notice a huge difference in the quality. For starters, the lens itself is a huge difference. The one on the drone is very limited in size and can't have as many internal lenses or corrections as let's say an Olympus. I'm not calling the Mavics bad by any means as it's incredible what they were able to do, but the size has to mean something here. Also from what I know, I thought the ProRes was still being worked on by DJI. I'm still not sure if it is fully ready software-wise to be a replacement yet for the Inspire Series. Also, I like the size of the Mavic more than the Inspire and the fact it is running all of the newer tech and features the Inspire doesn't have access to yet so that is a plus. I have a small boat so I know what a pain larger drones can be to launch and catch from one. For filming, I think the Inspire is still better like you are saying. It has been out for a while so all of the kinks of RAW video have been worked out unlike the Cine yet. It may take time for it to be worked on. It is technically a first-generation product because it is nothing like the Mavic 2 hardware-wise. I think that is why it looks so different. In my opinion, though I think it mainly is the fact that while the sensor size is the same, the actual camera system is vastly different. Also funny enough I would actually assume that the Inspire would be easier to capture video from because of the active track being a separate system from the drone's flight. So the operator can just fly while the camera does the work for you. I haven't personally flown either so again this is just my thoughts on the matter. Also, remember you are comparing stock footage to footage you personally took so the settings may have not been right on the Mavic.

Also, I love the edit you did! Looks like an interesting concept if that were to be real.

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