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Recent content by acoop2901

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    UK PFCO Renewal

    Hello Its that time of year for me to renew my PFCO an I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction as to what amendments need to be covered in my operations manual? I last updated in march of 2018 with the : Changing of Aerial Work to Commercial operations Updated...
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    Flying in italy

    Hi guys I have a potential job in italy and was wondering if anyone could walk me through the process of getting permission to fly over there? I have had a look over the ENAC regulations and restrictions seems similar to the uk. Can anybody offer some advice on the timescale for getting...
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    DJI GO serious video lag

    Hi guys, I made the jump to update my AC and RC after my dji go app recently auto updated (I know, silly mistake, its now going to be switched to manual updates). Long story short after the initial dji go update to v3.0 i had TERRIBLE video lag which basically made the flight I had planned...
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    4K Video on a Mac - what are you using?

    Hi Guys I see this thread has been quiet for a long time now but im looking for some advice when it comes to upgrading my system. I shoot everything on my I1 in 4k and then my final outputs are in 1080. Ive heard some people say that cant see much difference when doing this but personally I...
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    Fying in Germany

    Ah, ok. If I were to be able to gain a permit for flying there, do you know the procedure for transporting lipo batteries now? Am I right in thinking I can take any amount of discharged TB47 batteries in carry on and a max of 2 TB48 batteries per passenger?
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    Fying in Germany

    Hi guys I have my PFAW and public liability insurance in the uk. I have been asked to do a Job flying in germany and was wondering if anyone knows if the CAA PFAW will be enough for me to get permission to fly in germany? I.e I wont need to gain a license from garman aviation authority? Any...
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    Corrupt Clips

    Hi guys i have repaired a file with DJI fix. The repaired file will play in VLC media player but thats about it. The extension for the file is now .h264 I cant seem to encode the file to be an mp4 or mov using compressor or adobe media encoder or mpeg streamclip. So the file whilst...
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    Help Repairing Corrupt DJI File

    I have tried DJIfix which is the same process, I cannot use the method posted on skypixel as I am running a mac not windows.
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    Help Repairing Corrupt DJI File

    Ah ok, not great news. The file is still there on the card and reads as 3.16gb
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    Help Repairing Corrupt DJI File

    Hi Guys Im having a bit of trouble trying to repair a corrupted file from my i1 pro. I flew yesterday and noticed that whilst recording the record timer was frozen, as were any camera function controls. I landed, powered down the inspire and then powered back up and everything was fine. Flew...
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    DJi Inspire 1 Case - Zipper

    Hi Ewan Did you manage to get your case repaired? Both of the zippers on mine have broken within a few weeks of owning the case
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    Test shots with X5

    magic, thanks
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    Test shots with X5

    A little off topic here, but i am also getting black bars top and bottom when i upload my 4k from the x4 to youtube (as in the OP's clip). Anybody know the reason why? The files are 4096x2160 with no black bars when played in quicktime or vlc, then as soon as its uploaded to youtube the black...
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    UK Renewing PFAW with the CAA

    Ah brilliant! Thanks for all the info, seems as though when you try to find out anything from Euro they just keep you in the dark for the ££
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    UK Renewing PFAW with the CAA

    Got everything sent off on the 26th of jan so just patiently waiting now! Now that I have gone directly to the CAA and wont have a BNUC-s will my insurance premiums be affected?