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Help Repairing Corrupt DJI File

Oct 6, 2014
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Hi Guys

Im having a bit of trouble trying to repair a corrupted file from my i1 pro.

I flew yesterday and noticed that whilst recording the record timer was frozen, as were any camera function controls. I landed, powered down the inspire and then powered back up and everything was fine. Flew another two batteries and recorded more video. Ive since got home and had a look at the files and predictably one of them is corrupted. I was able to watch the file from the library on the DJI Go app but it wont play on my Mac. I have run a terminal process called djifix which has attempted to repair the file and spits out an h264 file which will play in VLC but just plays scrambled pixels and colours. Any ideas?
When you had the issue you should have removed the card and used another one for the rest of the day. Recording further stuff likely overwrote the data that could otherwise have been recoverable.
I have tried DJIfix which is the same process, I cannot use the method posted on skypixel as I am running a mac not windows.
In such cases, if dji-fix doesn't help (it somtimes doesn't help with the latest DJIs + it doesn't recover audio if there is one), I would try Restore.Media | We repair corrupted video and audio files online online. Even if that file was overwritten, there is still a slight chance it could be restored - make an image file and let the support from restore.media analyze it.

E.g. if that file was stored in the beginning of your SD card, then several files afterwards could have been written on the free space of your SD card, and only when the free space is over, the camera would write new files over that corrupted one. So there is a chance in such situation to recover the corrupted file (through an image file of your SD card), but only if the new files occupied the free space, not overwrote the damaged one. Worth a try.

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