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Recent content by andisblue

  1. andisblue

    Inspire 1 - Like new, + extra batteries, FPVLR, backpack

    Hello everyone, Regrettably, I am selling the coolest drone I've ever used (ok, so I've only used this and a phantom). This is a very lightly used Inspire. I am only selling because I just don't use it very often. The aircraft has never been in any type of crash, or even a close call. The...
  2. andisblue

    NO Gimbal pitch smooth on Inspire 1??????

    I agree with the OP. There was an easing function on the Zenmuse 3d that stopped so smoothly when pitching , and on the I1 it's just an abrupt stop. Sure , you can manually get the same effect manually with careful finger control. But... We have waypoints , POI, all this other automated...
  3. andisblue

    Inspire 1 Pro (not so pro?)

    Average hobbyist? Haha, if you say so! "Pro" is how you use it
  4. andisblue

    A Need for Speed?

    I've hit 33/ms over a local park when the winds were RIDICULOUS. Flying back to me, it was barely moving.
  5. andisblue

    How do you turn off sonar ?

    Just unplug the sonar?
  6. andisblue

    fpvlr inspire1 antennas

    For sale here: http://www.inspirepilots.com/threads/fpvlr-inspire-antennas.2650/
  7. andisblue

    Does you Nvidia Shield Welcome you?

    And because she sometimes switches to ATTITUDE mode unprovoked ?
  8. andisblue

    Affordable Inspire DIY Backpack

    They sell them on eBay for $60 from China and they work fine
  9. andisblue

    how manys flying atti mode?

    ATTI isn't some mythical tough beast. It's not like MANUAL mode. It's just like GPS without position hold. I've always found it weird how I hear "learn ATTI" as if the controls were not exactly the same as GPS. I exclusively use it once I'm above the trees, GPS for landing / filming...
  10. andisblue

    80MB/s** micro sd card fast enough

    80MB/s = 640mbps so it's MUCH FASTER than you require
  11. andisblue

    Any Experience with this Range Extender?

    FPVLR did the install. Very good work. I feel like it would not be very difficult to do it yourself, though.
  12. andisblue

    Any Experience with this Range Extender?

    Yes, I use them along with the half-sphere antennas from FPVLR . In the heavily wifi congested area that I stand , my range increased from 400-600m (yes , I know that's low) to over 2500m. I haven't tried In in a desolate mountain area yet, but am assuming the range will be much greater (but...
  13. andisblue

    DJI Inspire 1 mini ?

    It's called phantom 3