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Recent content by atlav8r

  1. atlav8r

    anyone do business with Aerial Media Pros with shipping or pick up issues? - any alternatives?

    Fraud is rampant these days and the merchants have no recourse without the exact documentation to help the.
  2. atlav8r

    Real estate pay hits rock bottom!

    On the other hand, some of these real state companies "are" professional and you can hook up with a good company in the space and help them or become part of the team. This is a short video we did (hastily) showing one of these companies on the move. So what is all of the beeping about? its...
  3. atlav8r

    DJI CrystalSky Monitor Owner Discussion by Advexure

    The price was reduced to all dealers yesterday, I got to fly with one a month ago, while doing training on the new M210 systems. Even on a very bright sunny day I could see the screen clear and very bright. The nits ratio on the Nvidia shields we were using is 500, on the iPad Mini4 it is 400...
  4. atlav8r

    DJI Road Show in TX - M200, M210 and CrystalSky - Photo Heavy

    I have been told our first shipments will be right at the end of May.
  5. atlav8r

    (AMA) Now Offering 107 Remote Pilot Test Preparation Through UAV Ground School

    Hi Figbar, I appreciate your feedback and am sorry to hear that you did not feel you got the level of education and satisfaction out of our program that thousands of others have. UAVGS is the only part 107-test prep company that has been in business over 10 years specifically doing FAA test...
  6. atlav8r

    (AMA) Now Offering 107 Remote Pilot Test Preparation Through UAV Ground School

    Hi Ryan, Actually the AMA has been doing a great job "behind the scenes" for many years now. Maybe not as public as they should of been but some actions are very delicate and need to be done slowly. I know this to be true as I sat on one of the committees for almost two years and was able to...
  7. atlav8r

    (AMA) Now Offering 107 Remote Pilot Test Preparation Through UAV Ground School

    A nice endorsement for Part 107 training, More at Company News and Press Information - UAV Commercial Drone Ground School Academy Of Model Aeronautics (AMA) Now Offering 107 Remote Pilot Test Preparation Through UAV Ground School Program Offers 195,000 AMA Members, Preparation For FAA Part...
  8. atlav8r

    School me: Battery % vs V

    How many cycles on the pack in question? Pull up the battery screen in the app when flying. It sounds like you could be in the beginning stages of a cell going bad. Watch the individual cell balance as you run it and see if you are getting indications of a cell going bad.
  9. atlav8r

    KARMA - could be interesting.....

    It has some good features but there is still a lot "not known" about this system. We have been told that is will only be available in limited locations in the USA and those are being determined now.
  10. atlav8r

    NEW DJI S900

    We have a DJI S900 system that is new and only test flown about 3 packs. We built it for a client who has paid for it and has decided that he is not going to go down the commercial path and has ask us to sell it for him. It consist of DJI S-900 A-2 Flight controller Zenmuse Z15 for Panasonic...
  11. atlav8r

    Hello from north Atlanta GA

    HI Crashburn, thanks for the kind words. We have a lot in common. Flying Sailplanes in Minden is a great experience. You can get really high there and the views are .... just fantastic. I grew up in SC, Florence and small town of Timmonsville and have 5 motorcycles. Stop by and see us if you are...
  12. atlav8r

    Hello from north Atlanta GA

    Cliff Whitney here and I appreciate the kind welcome to the Inspire Pilots group. I am a licensed private pilot and an avid aviation participant blessed to be living on a 2600-ft private grass airstrip . I mostly fly my Citabria, and 1-26 sailplane. I am a master rated Hang Glider pilot with...
  13. atlav8r

    Go Pro 5 + Karma Live Stream

    The live stream is going to be located here GoPro: The Launch
  14. atlav8r

    UK Google Adwords

    It is powerful but you must be very targeted in order for it to work. Google has tools to allow you to select the right keywords and it also designs what each cost. Go slow and tune your campaigns, test a lot.
  15. atlav8r

    Go Pro 5 + Karma Live Stream

    This should be interesting